Who we are

Wadi El Nile for Agricultural & Animal Production is a part of north Africa regional office of company “Multiple Directions Ltd”.(which is an Sudanese spread company works professionally to detect .improve and market Sudanese through smart partnerships with(. both small-scale producers and private sectors                                                                       Regional office founded in egypt as a trading intermediary for the strong economical relationship between Sudan. Egypt and north Africa and it is Now become one of the biggest . regional companies participating in the Regional food security           

 Multiple Directions company Ltd presented in north Africa regional office provides standard, competitive ,healthy&high quality products since it follows a certain methodology that is grounded on innovation and constant development ,to eventually release final products in the best way that matces the requirements of its market . the persistent success and excellence realized by AMC is due to the collective cooperation and synergy of all its . collaborators from in and outside the company

Future Plans

It’s worth mentioning that the Egyptian market is in high demand of livestock and meat, also most Sudanese crops in order to cover the supply gap, leading to the need of expanding in the establishment of more husbandry and fattening farms so we can export.