Who We Are

It is one of the sister companies of the Sudanese Multidirectional Company, which includes a group of
international Sudanese companies spreading professionally in discovering, developing and marketing
exports through smart partnerships with the sectors of small producers and the private sector
Wadi El Nile Company for Agricultural and Animal Production was established as a starting point for
developing strong economic relations between Sudan and Egypt, which is currently one of the major
companies that contribute to providing food security to the Arab Republic of Egypt, especially in the
field of red meat
It is worth noting that the Egyptian market needs additional quantities of live and slaughtered meat to
fill the
large consumer gap, which prompts us strongly towards expansion in the establishment of calves
farms to supply more quantities of meat, keeping pace with the latest global methods of breeding, and
entering into new investments in meat encryption and processing, as well On importing various
agricultural products and crops to open new markets, to meet the growing local and regional demand,
provide an excellent product of high quality and competitive prices in the Egyptian and regional