The inauguration of the first Sudanese meat shipment to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through the multi direction company

Khartoum Airport witnessed, on Saturday morning, May 9, the inauguration of the

first shipment of Sudanese meat exports to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where the

plane’s tonnage reached 20 tons of meat, which was processed in the Al-Kadro

slaughterhouse in Khartoum according to international requirements.

Commenting on the unprecedented event, Dr. Alamuddin Abdullah Absher, Minister

of Animal Resources and Fisheries said: This step is strategic according to the state’s

orientation of introducing a series of added value to Sudanese products. ”This

shipment comes within the activities of the Directions for the Development of

Animal Production Exports and the series of added values. Defense industries

and multiple directions company in exporting the first shipment of Sudanese red meat

to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The Minister pointed out the great potentials of the multi-directional company,

represented by the modern Kaddru slaughterhouse, which is one of the largest

slaughterhouses in the Middle East, as well as the company’s possession of a huge,

developed and specialized farm in animal production. Additional or chemical