Our Work

Trends is the largest company to supply live and chilled Sudanese meat in the Republic of Sudan, as it has signed the largest contract for the supply of Sudanese meat to the Egyptian Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade for more than 800,000 heads. More than 400,000 calves have been supplied to date to the Holding Company for Food Industries through Nile Valley for agricultural and animal production
The Trends Company, through the Nile Valley Company for Agricultural and Livestock Production, the Agricultural and Livestock Company (which is one of the sister companies of the Trends Company) developed a quarry and slaughterhouse in the city of Abu Simbel with capacity of about 30 thousand head
The Nile Valley Company for Agricultural and Animal Production is supplying chilled meat to a number of companies and entities within the Arab Republic of Egypt to work to stabilize meat prices in the Egyptian market

– Inside the Republic of Sudan:

Al-Tijarat Company possesses the quadro slaughterhouse with a capacity of 120 calves per hour and 1500 sheep, including flanging and manufacturing halls, and is the latest and largest automatic slaughterhouse in the African continent and the Middle East 
Trends owns a project of Zayed Al Khair with an area of 30 thousand acres in the state of the island of the Republic of Sudan to produce the feed needed to feed her animals
Trends has an intensive grow-out farm in the Republic of Sudan with a capacity of 80,000 heads
The company works with the best technical cadres specialized in fattening and raising livestock, dairy and fodder production, as well as the best quarries and slaughterhouse management
The company owns an upgrading farm (a plant to genetically improve strains) in the northern state of the Republic of Sudan with a capacity of 5,000 heads with the goal of reaching 20,000 heads during the year 2023


-The Arab World :

The Trends Company supplies Al-Hoda sheep annually to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (more than 2 million heads) The Trends Company supplies meat to several countries such as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Republic of Lebanon, the United Arab Emirates and the Republic of Iraq