Breeding and fattening of cows and buffaloes:

The company breeds and fattens the best strains of Sudanese cows and municipal buffaloes on its farms in the
Arab Republic of Egypt.

 Live Sudanese veal:

The company is slaughtering the best strains of Sudanese calves with their approved slaughterhouses in the
Arab Republic of Egypt and delivering them to the representative of the Egyptian Ministry of Trade in
accordance with the approved cooperation protocol for selling them in consumer complexes to maintain the
stability of meat prices in the Egyptian market.

 Sudanese chilled veal:

The company imports Sudanese chilled veal slaughtered with the slaughterhouses of the Multiple Directions
Company in the Republic of Sudan, which is one of the newest and largest slaughterhouses in the Middle East
and Africa, and sold in the local market chilled with bone.