About Company

About company

Wadi Elnile for agricultural and animals production

The Regional Office for North African Countries is a group of trends for the development of animal exports, which includes a group of Sudanese global distribution companies, which works in the detection, development and marketing of animal exports through smart partnerships with the sectors of small producers and the private sector.
The Regional Office for North African States, based in the Arab Republic of Egypt, was established as an economic launching point for the strong economic relations between Sudan, Egypt and North Africa, and is now one of the largest regional companies that contribute to providing food security to the peoples of the region. It adopts a systematic approach based on innovation and continuous development to provide products in its final form, in keeping with the requirements of its customers. The success of the group is based on the cooperation and synergy of all its employees and customers.

Future Plans

It should be noted that the Egyptian market needs additional quantities of live and slaughtered meat, as well as most Sudanese agricultural crops to fill the large consumer gap, which strongly drives us to expand further in the establishment of farms to feed calves additional to supply larger quantities and keep up with the latest methods of global education, In addition to importing various Sudanese agricultural products and crops to open new markets to meet the growing local and regional demand to provide excellent quality products at competitive prices in the Egyptian and regional markets.

Future Vision

One of the top 20 global developers of animals

A global brand
One of the top 100 global brands

Regional leadership with global standards

Areas Of Business

  • Breeding, fattening and calving
  • Manufacturing red meat
  • Animal waste industries
  • Operation of modern slaughterhouses
Fodder and Cereals
  • Extracting and distributing grain feed
  • Agricultural Extension
  • Cultivation of large and small enterprises
  • Complete Feed Manufacturing (TMR)
  • Breeding, fattening and producing sheep and goats
  • Breeding, fattening and generating camels
  • Breeding camels for camel racing
  • Wildlife development
  • They are:
  • Sesame oil
  • peanut oil
  • Sunflower oil
Agricultural And Horticultural Products
  • Peanuts - watermelon - sesame - hibiscus
  • Oils (bean oil - sesame oil - sunflower oil)
  • Arabic gum arabic
  • lemon - orange - mango - bananas - grapefruit
Agricultural Crops
  • They are:
  • Crops
  • Horticultural Products
  • Grain products
Birds And Poultry
  • Breeding ornamental birds and wild birds
  • Ostrich farming
  • Food Industries
  • Poultry farming
The Sea
  • Marine fertilizers
  • Marine fishing
  • Food industries
  • Medical industries
  • Shrimp farming
  • Breeding snails and oysters
  • Octopus Hunting
  • Nile fish farming

Why we

We are the only supplier of Sudanese calves in Egypt for these reasons
  • – The Egyptian government, represented by the Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade, contracted with the Nile Valley Company for Agricultural and Animal Production to supply 800 thousand head of livestock in the period from 2016 to 2018 with the price fixed during this period of time to keep pace with increasing Egyptian consumption and to raise the burden on the citizens.
  • – It can be confirmed that the Sudanese meat of the company has an excellent demand in the Egyptian market due to the high quality of calves or chilled meat received either through our farms in Sudan or Egypt.

Mission, values and principles

Message: Contributing to the development of animal and agricultural exports through:
Productive development – Building and developing partnerships – Global marketing excellence
To contribute to serving our customers in North Africa countries by providing:
Health Products – International Quality Standards – Competitive Prices Adopted Values: Excellence – Integration – Innovation and Creativity
Principles: charity – participation and synergy – creativity and innovation
Excellence – maturity – integration

Strategic Direction

The set of directions for the development of animal exports aims at achieving its central objectives of forming the community economy by mobilizing the potential of the society and taking advantage of economic opportunities by employing the best natural resources to acquire a global market share capable of sustainable and sustainable animal exports.