Calves importing:

  • Wadi El Nile is one of the pioneers in the field of importing Sudanese calves and meat, supervising the calves’ habitation, fattening the slaughter preparation as well as preparing necessary technical business development plans.
  • A major expansion took place in the establishment and development of animal breeding farms as well as standard veterinary quarantines, supervised by a highly qualified team of veterinaries and international class experts in the field of animal husbandry and fattening in both Egypt & Sudan.
  • The Egyptian Government, represented in the Ministry of Supply & Internal Trade, contracted with Wadi El Nile to import 800.000 livestock during 2016 – 2018, with the fixation of pricing in order to cope with the Egyptian market  incremental consumption as well as releasing the burden lying on the consumer’s shoulders.
  • Wadi El Nile Sudanese meat is guaranteed to meet the standards of the Egyptian market, given the high quality of imported calves and chilled meat in our farms in Egypt & Sudan.

Calves importing process goes through the following stages:

  • Farms in Sudan:
    The best calves are selected and bred in various standard farms in Sudan.
    The main farm in Um Derman, which houses up to 15000 livestock.
  • Quarantines in Egypt (Abu Simble & Hurghada):
    Calves are kept in quarantines under the supervision of Veterinary Quarantine Authority for a maximum period of 45 days in the accredited quarantines of the company in Abu Simble, thus, moved to slaughter in the company’s outlets or Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade outlets, represented by The Egyptian Food IndustriesHolding Co.
  • Egyptian Market and Clients:
    • Sudanese meat is slaughtered under the Islamic Shariaa code  & under the supervision of the General Organization of Veterinary Services.
    • The Egyptian Food Industries Holding Co. is one of our major clients, along with all its subsidiary companies and outlets, El Nasr Co. for Export & Import as well as hypermarkets and supermarket chains.